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Serene Purple Majesty: Handcrafted Natural Amethyst Hexagonal Pointed Pendant Necklace - Spiritual Elegance Meets Modern Chic, Chevron Amethyst, Bishop’s Stone

Embrace Spiritual Elegance: Step into a realm where spirituality and style converge with our Serene Purple Majesty Pendant. This handcrafted natural Amethyst hexagonal pointed necklace is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a personal talisman. Known as the Chevron Amethyst or Bishop's Stone, it represents a blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary charm. Perfect for the modern seeker who appreciates the allure of natural gemstones.

Properties and Intentions:

  • Healing and Calm: Amethyst is believed to bring tranquility and calmness to the wearer, ideal for harmonizing the mind during hectic days.
  • Spiritual Awareness: This crystal is celebrated for enhancing intuition and spiritual awareness, making it a perfect companion for meditation and mindfulness practices.
  • Protection: Traditionally, Amethyst is seen as a protective stone, warding off negative energies and fostering a shield of spiritual light around the body.

Zodiac Compatibility:

  • Ideal for Aquarius and Pisces: Amethyst resonates strongly with these zodiac signs, amplifying their natural traits and providing balance.
  • Beneficial for All Zodiac Signs: Known for its universal appeal, this stone is also suitable for every seeker on their spiritual journey, regardless of zodiac alignment.

Chakra Connection:

  • Third Eye and Crown Chakras: This pendant is particularly attuned to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, enhancing insight, wisdom, and connection to the divine.

Size and Weight

  • Size: 0.30" x 1.5" Inch
  • Weight: 0.17 Oz

    Cleansing Guidelines:

    • Gentle Cleansing: Rinse under cool water and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
    • Energetic Cleansing: Smudging with sage or placing it under the moonlight can cleanse and recharge your amethyst pendant.

    Included in Your Purchase:

    • 1 x Handcrafted Amethyst Pendant: Each piece is unique, reflecting the natural beauty and variation of the hand-selected stones.
    • 1 x 22" Korean Wax Black Cord: Comes with clasps already assembled, ensuring your pendant is ready to wear upon arrival.


    • Unique Variations: As with all natural stones, please note that the color and appearance of your amethyst may vary slightly from the photo. Each piece is uniquely beautiful, with its own distinct patterns and hues, making your pendant truly one-of-a-kind.

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