Natural Larvikite Bracelet – 8mm Metal-Free Stone Jewelry


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Natural Larvikite Bracelet – 8mm Beaded Stone Jewelry for Serenity & Grounding

Elevate your accessory collection with our meticulously crafted Natural Larvikite Bracelet. Exuding a mystical charm, this 8mm beaded bracelet is not only a symbol of elegance but also resonates with the energies of serenity and grounding. The deep, grayish tones with subtle silvery flashes make each piece unique, perfect for those who seek a touch of nature’s splendor in their daily wear. Ideal for both casual and formal attire, this metal-free stone jewelry is a versatile addition to any outfit.

Properties & Intentions:

  • Material Authenticity: Genuine Larvikite beads, renowned for their connection to the Earth's energy.
  • Design Craftsmanship: Expertly handcrafted, offering a durable, stretchable fit for all-day comfort.
  • Visual Appeal: Each bead showcases a distinct, iridescent play of colors, ensuring your bracelet stands out.

Zodiac Affinity:

Specially suited for:

  • Aquarius: Encourages innovative thinking and openness to new ideas.
  • Capricorn: Aids in grounding their practical nature with spiritual awareness.
  • Scorpio: Enhances intuitive abilities and fosters transformation.

Chakra Connection:

Aligns primarily with the Root Chakra, promoting stability and grounding. It also assists in clearing and balancing the Third Eye Chakra, opening pathways to intuitive thought and inner vision.

Size & Fit:

  • Circumference: Comfortably fits a wrist size of 6.5 to 7.5 inches.
  • Bead Size: Uniform 8mm beads for a sleek, symmetrical design.


Approximately 0.70 Oz, providing a substantial feel without being cumbersome.

Cleansing Guidelines:

To maintain the bracelet’s energy and luster, cleanse it under moonlight or with smudging rituals using sage. Avoid harsh chemicals and prolonged exposure to water, which may affect the integrity of the stones.


Please note that as Larvikite is a natural stone, variations in color and pattern are expected, adding to the uniqueness of each bracelet. The item you receive may appear slightly different from the images, a testament to the individuality of natural stones.

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