Natural Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet – Metal-Free. 8mm, Gemstone


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Enchanting Dalmatian Jasper Gemstone Bracelet – Metal-Free, 8mm Beads

Product Description:

Embrace the distinctive charm of our Dalmatian Jasper Gemstone Bracelet, a unique accessory crafted to complement any outfit. Metal-free and featuring 8mm polished beads, this bracelet is a harmonious blend of natural beauty and stylish design. Perfect for those who appreciate the artistry of the earth's treasures, it serves as a chic addition to both casual and formal ensembles.

Properties and Intentions:

  • Material: Authentic Dalmatian Jasper
  • Bead Size: 8mm diameter
  • Weight: Approximately 0.70 Oz (20 grams)

Dalmatian Jasper, known for its grounding energy, is believed to fortify the spirit and encourage a sense of playfulness. It is often associated with positivity, nurturing, and protection.

Zodiac Affinity:

Astrologically, Dalmatian Jasper resonates well with the vibrant spirit of Gemini, the balanced nature of Libra, and the adventurous essence of Virgo. It is thought to enhance the innate qualities of these signs, promoting harmony and emotional balance.

Chakra Connection:

This gemstone is particularly beneficial for the Base or Root Chakra, believed to anchor the spirit with its stabilizing energies. It aids in fostering a deep connection with the physical world and one's own body.

Size and Fit:

  • Universal Design: Crafted to fit most wrist sizes comfortably.
  • Bead Size: Each bead is meticulously crafted to be approximately 8mm in diameter.


  • Lightweight: Approximately 0.70 Oz, offering a comfortable, barely-there feel.

Cleansing Guidelines:

To maintain the pure essence of your Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet:

  • Rinse under cool running water to cleanse and refresh its energies.
  • Allow it to bask in moonlight for natural recharging.
  • Keep it separate from other stones to preserve its unique vibration.


Please note that as Dalmatian Jasper is a product of nature, variations in color patterns and appearance are normal. The bracelet you receive may have slight differences from the photographs, ensuring that each piece is as unique as the individual who wears it.

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