Handcrafted Red Gold Stone Point Pendant Necklace with Evil Eye Charm


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Spirit's Whisper: Natural Red Gold Stone Hexagonal Pointed Necklace – Embrace Harmony, Pendant for Protection & Vitality, Red Goldstone, Heliotrope

Discover the radiant allure of our Spirit's Whisper Necklace, a beacon of harmony and a talisman for those seeking protection and a boost in vitality. This exquisite piece resonates with the brand voice of Stoneage, "The Enlightened Explorer," inviting you to adorn yourself with the magic of the cosmos encapsulated within the Red Goldstone.

Product Properties & Intentions

Material: Each pendant is meticulously crafted from Natural Red Goldstone, known for its sparkling inclusions that resemble stars in the night sky, evoking a sense of wonder and infinite possibility.

Craftsmanship: Carved into a hexagonal point, this pendant acts as a powerful conduit for channeling energy, promoting a flow of positivity and strength throughout your day.

Use: Intended for the modern-day explorer, this necklace serves not just as an accessory but as a companion on your journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Zodiac Affinity

Red Goldstone, with its fiery hue, resonates strongly with those born under Aries and Leo, inspiring boldness and courage. However, its universal appeal makes it a cherished piece for all zodiac signs.

Chakra Alignment

This necklace is attuned to the Root Chakra, grounding you in the present moment and enhancing your connection to the earth's energies.

Size & Weight

  • Dimensions: 0.35" x 2.5" Inch
  • Weight: 0.22 oz

Cleansing Guidelines

To maintain the vibrancy and energy of your Red Goldstone pendant, cleanse it under moonlight regularly and recharge it by laying it on a selenite slab or beside a clear quartz.

What's Included

With your purchase, you receive:

  • 1 Spirit's Whisper Red Goldstone Hexagonal Pointed Pendant
  • A 22" Korean wax black cord with a secure clasp, ready for immediate wear.


Please note that due to the natural qualities of Red Goldstone, each pendant is unique. Variations in color, sparkle, and pattern are to be expected, making your necklace a one-of-a-kind treasure.

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